Hold your head high, heavy heart

When the glory fades
19 January 1984
Did I just friend you? Here is a fairly comprehensive introduction post.

If you add me comment and let me know - I'm a bit dizzy and may miss you otherwise!

I am a Survivor Of Bereavement by Suicide. You can find more information on that here but please know that if you're coming across this and you need someone to talk to, you only have to ask.

My Tumblr is here and I also contribute to a Ryan Adams related Tumblr which you can find here.

Most of my fic can be found at likeitscool. It's Real Person Slash, so if that offends you, don't read it. There is now some fic found on this journal, under this tag. In June 2009 I posted a 5 part fic as part of bandombigbang - the master post to this can be found here. In April 2010, colouredmango and I wrote a TAI fic for bandombigbang. The master post is here.

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